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Shihan Mustafa

40 Years of Training Experience! Shihan Mustafa is Highly Skilled in the Art of Self Defense! He has a very strong attention to detail, great ability to motivate, unmatched passion for training, and excellent ability to bring out the best in his students to make them better versions of themselves! Very passionate! Great Motivator! Great Practitioner! Very committed to this art and genuinely cares for his students inside and outside of the dojo.

Shihan received his black belt under the founder of American Ninjitsu O'sensai Ronald Duncan. He is one of the top students of Soke' Ali Abdul Kareem and is highly skilled with empty hand defense as well as weapon combat. Shihan is a 9th Dan in the art of Ninjitsu and applies his deep knowledge and skill set to teach effective self defense for today's world.